Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Artist Drops - Radio Artist Drops


Air Media a company started in 2005 with the aim of producing for radio and the maedia. We have now just uploaded our new website and its totally loaded with some great imaging effects and also music for talkover.

We have produced talkover beds for the news and traffic spots aldo weather and general talkover slots for the dj who just can`t shut up. Air Media is currently run by Alistair Reeves from the UK and has had several thousand hits over the years.

We have just launched Air Cuts 3 which has had great success and we have also just launched a special offer of all our products if you buy them online.

Here is what you can expect from the Air Media website

Sweeper jingles for radio
Imaging Effects for radio & tv production
Voice overs for radio and tv imaging.
Talkover music for news traffic and weather slots

Also on the website you can get access to some great free
material from air media. Also purchase the following products online.

Artist Drops
Air Cuts 1
Air Cuts 2
Air Cuts 3
Air Cuts xxfx
News Sounder One
News Sounder 2
101 Radio Imaging Effects
Talkover Beds

Plus many more available from the Air Media website today

The products are great for radio and tv also djs and the internet
we can produce your next sound and make you stand out from the croud.

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